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Phones During Assessments?! WHAT?!

One of my students figured out a way to securely use their phones during assessments – and I just had to share!  🙂 It use to be that I couldn’t allow students to have their phones out because they could use it … Continue reading

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A Number Talk about Radian Measure

On Tuesday, my Pre-Calculus 12 class used our classroom clothesline to explore the magnitudes of radian measures. When graphing sinusoidal functions, students have noticed that we can divide the period into four pieces (minimum, center, maximum, center) to help determine the location … Continue reading

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Mobius Strip Fun!

At the Northwest Conference on Friday, Trevor Brown reminded us of all the neat things we can explore with Mobius strips! Here’s a quick video of the first few cases my classes explored (they tried to predict what would happen in different … Continue reading

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