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A fun spatial reasoning problem…

My students went CRAZY for this video… it’s pretty cool!  Enjoy!  🙂 If you’re dying to know how this “math miracle” is done, then here’s a great explanation…

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My Posting Class Videos Experiment

I have used a document camera for a few years now, and love how it has made it so easy to have students show their work and to seamlessly move from the document camera to webpages or applications that help … Continue reading

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Reverse Instruction – Hmm…

The other day I was surfing through some TED talks and stumbled on this video: I found the first 8 minutes of this to be interesting.  (I admit that although I find the entire video interesting, I begin to disagree … Continue reading

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Math doodling

A woman named Vi Hart was in the news a while ago for her youtube videos that start with a notebook, some doodling, and a voice over about a student’s experience in Math class. The video that got me hooked … Continue reading

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