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A fun spatial reasoning problem…

My students went CRAZY for this video… it’s pretty cool!  Enjoy!  🙂 If you’re dying to know how this “math miracle” is done, then here’s a great explanation…

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Order of Operations (with Integers) Dice Game

My grade 8s were in need of some extra practice with their integer operations and order of operations in general, so I adapted a game for them to play with triple-dice! Here’s the game board for you to use! The … Continue reading

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Providing Specific Feedback by Learning Outcomes

For a couple years now I have restructured my marks book from the traditional homework/quizzes/tests categories to categories that group together learning outcomes.  It allows me to finally feel like I’m able to provide students with a super clear picture … Continue reading

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A Game for Practicing Simplifying Radicals

There are so many reasons that I love reading teacher blogs, and that I love being involved in math education in BC.  I was reading Carollee Norris’s “Focus on Math” blog the other day, and noticed that she had reposted … Continue reading

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An Activity to Introduce Sequences

My grade 11 students started the year with sequences and series this year.  I love starting with patterns because I find it’s intuitive for some students so it lets everyone get their feet wet.  Also, if students are proficient at … Continue reading

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My Example of a Vocabulary Wall…

I have finally found a better way to organize my vocab wall in my classroom using pockets that I picked up at the local “teacher store”!  Here’s an example of how I use it in my classroom: As we progress … Continue reading

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Paper Folding Puzzles – Very Cool!

I keep meaning to post these great puzzles… Both of these puzzles are from Erik Demaine’s website.  He is a Professor at MIT in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.  Seriously – check out the site!  There are all sorts of … Continue reading

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Math doodling

A woman named Vi Hart was in the news a while ago for her youtube videos that start with a notebook, some doodling, and a voice over about a student’s experience in Math class. The video that got me hooked … Continue reading

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New Teachers’ Conference

The BCAMT’s New Teachers’ Conference was this Saturday, Feb 12th.  It was great to get the chance to share ideas and network with everyone – I think it’s my favorite conference of the year! I did a session on Art … Continue reading

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