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Building Number Sense with Clothesline Activities

One of the many great take-aways from the recent Professional Development day in October was an activity that begins with a clothesline (thanks to Estimation180 and Andrew Stadel).  Students are shown an image or given a question and asked to … Continue reading

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Our Math Vocabulary Wall – November 10th, 2015

Here’s a snapshot of our vocabulary wall as of today!  It’s loaded with the math vocabulary that we’re also hearing in our classes. On the back of each cue card there is a brief definition of each word, so if … Continue reading

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A fun spatial reasoning problem…

My students went CRAZY for this video… it’s pretty cool!  Enjoy!  🙂 If you’re dying to know how this “math miracle” is done, then here’s a great explanation…

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Creating my Class Set of Inexpensive Whiteboards

I had been meaning to “up my game” when it came to students using whiteboards… For the longest time I have been using these mini whiteboards from Spectrum, but students often each had their own and it wasn’t as collaborative as I … Continue reading

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BCAMT Northwest Conference – October 2015

On October 22nd-24th, over 1200 math teachers got together in Whistler, B.C. to share ideas and get inspired… so before I forget all the wonderful moments, I thought I should write a few down and share!  There were far too … Continue reading

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Order of Operations (with Integers) Dice Game

My grade 8s were in need of some extra practice with their integer operations and order of operations in general, so I adapted a game for them to play with triple-dice! Here’s the game board for you to use! The … Continue reading

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I love Plicker Cards…

If you haven’t tried out Plicker Cards in your classroom, you are definitely missing out!  They’re great!!! Plicker cards are unique “QR-code-like” cards that allow students to respond quickly to a multiple choice question (either A/B/C/D, depending on how they … Continue reading

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Getting Students to Create Questions…

A review activity I like to do at the end of the unit is to get students to create questions on 3×5 cue cards.  I usually ask that they have at least 3 cards: one knowing level question, one applying … Continue reading

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Using Games in Math Class – Coquitlam 2013

Today I had the chance to meet some fantastic teachers from Coquitlam and Burnaby to share some ideas and strategies for hope we can use games in our classroom. We started by talking about and playing the Tetris game, here’s … Continue reading

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Some Fun Warm-up Apps to get our Brains Moving…

I haven’t written anything about the new tablet I bought to use in my classroom.  Since I love all things techy, this new toy has been A LOT of fun for me. I plan on sharing how I’ve used the … Continue reading

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