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Phones During Assessments?! WHAT?!

One of my students figured out a way to securely use their phones during assessments – and I just had to share!  🙂 It use to be that I couldn’t allow students to have their phones out because they could use it … Continue reading

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Building Number Sense with Clothesline Activities

One of the many great take-aways from the recent Professional Development day in October was an activity that begins with a clothesline (thanks to Estimation180 and Andrew Stadel).  Students are shown an image or given a question and asked to … Continue reading

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Our Math Vocabulary Wall – November 10th, 2015

Here’s a snapshot of our vocabulary wall as of today!  It’s loaded with the math vocabulary that we’re also hearing in our classes. On the back of each cue card there is a brief definition of each word, so if … Continue reading

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McMath’s Math Club

This year McMath students have started a Math Club… and it’s been wonderful to be a part of! Students have spent their club days working on different mathematics activities such as Waterloo contests and famous puzzles.  Today, students tried to find ways to create … Continue reading

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A fun spatial reasoning problem…

My students went CRAZY for this video… it’s pretty cool!  Enjoy!  🙂 If you’re dying to know how this “math miracle” is done, then here’s a great explanation…

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Calculating Marks for Report Cards…

Even though my classes receive feedback on each learning outcome using standards based grading, my school district still requires a percentage for reporting purposes. Luckily I have a brother who’s a software engineer and who is currently working on a program … Continue reading

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Creating my Class Set of Inexpensive Whiteboards

I had been meaning to “up my game” when it came to students using whiteboards… For the longest time I have been using these mini whiteboards from Spectrum, but students often each had their own and it wasn’t as collaborative as I … Continue reading

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BCAMT Northwest Conference – October 2015

On October 22nd-24th, over 1200 math teachers got together in Whistler, B.C. to share ideas and get inspired… so before I forget all the wonderful moments, I thought I should write a few down and share!  There were far too … Continue reading

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Northwest Math Conference 2015 – Standards Based Grading Session Handouts and Summary #nwmc15 #sbl

On October 23rd, 2015 I got the chance to share what Standards Based Grading looks like in a mathematics classroom!  Standards based grading is an assessment philosophy that encourages a growth mindset by using a continuum of learning rubric rather … Continue reading

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Order of Operations (with Integers) Dice Game

My grade 8s were in need of some extra practice with their integer operations and order of operations in general, so I adapted a game for them to play with triple-dice! Here’s the game board for you to use! The … Continue reading

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