McMath’s Math Club

This year McMath students have started a Math Club… and it’s been wonderful to be a part of!

Students have spent their club days working on different mathematics activities such as Waterloo contests and famous puzzles.  Today, students tried to find ways to create a solution of 24 when given 4 random cards from a modified deck of cards.  The students’ energy was exciting to see… there is nothing better than watching students enjoy mathematics!

If you’re a student… please come join us in Room B202 on Fridays!  We would love to see you!  You can also check out our McMath Math Club blog!

If you’re a parent… let your son/daughter know that new members are always welcome!

If you’re a teacher… I would love to hear what your math clubs are like, so if you have any ideas, please get in touch!  🙂

About Mrs. Awadalla

I am a classroom teacher in Richmond, British Columbia. Interested in Math Education, Technology, Assessment, and Standards Based Grading (just to name a few things)... :)
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