Calculating Marks for Report Cards…

Even though my classes receive feedback on each learning outcome using standards based grading, my school district still requires a percentage for reporting purposes.

Luckily I have a brother who’s a software engineer and who is currently working on a program that will make reporting out the learning outcomes, and calculating a mark, a super easy task.  He’s hoping to have it done for second semester, so check back to this site for a copy of it!  🙂

In the meantime, I calculate students’ marks using an excel spreadsheet and I weight each learning outcome based on their importance.  I also attach a percentage to each of the standards (Fully Meeting/Meeting/Minimally Meeting/Not Yet Meeting).  Students can also figure out their mark by going to their course website and clicking “Calculate Your Mark“.  I like that they can determine this on their own because it really helps with their own personal goal setting and also gives them an exact snapshot of where they’re at.

The details of this spreadsheet are explained in this quick video… if you have any other questions about it, please don’t hesitate to ask!  🙂

About Mrs. Awadalla

I am a classroom teacher in Richmond, British Columbia. Interested in Math Education, Technology, Assessment, and Standards Based Grading (just to name a few things)... :)
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