Mobius Strip Fun!

At the Northwest Conference on Friday, Trevor Brown reminded us of all the neat things we can explore with Mobius strips!

Here’s a quick video of the first few cases my classes explored (they tried to predict what would happen in different scenarios – a mobius strip with one twist, 2 twists, etc)… the Ooooh’s an Ahhh’s had to be muted to ensure that my students’ names weren’t in there, but it was super fun!

My favourite moment was when students wanted to extend the question to see what would happen if we twisted the mobius strip 10 times… and many of them grabbed paper, tape, and scissors to try it themselves… they were hooked!

It was also great to be able to share that this is a branch of mathematics called Topology… they were excited at the idea that they could find out more and study those big ideas some day (and started the journey today)!

About Mrs. Awadalla

I am a classroom teacher in Richmond, British Columbia. Interested in Math Education, Technology, Assessment, and Standards Based Grading (just to name a few things)... :)
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