BCAMT Northwest Conference – October 2015

On October 22nd-24th, over 1200 math teachers got together in Whistler, B.C. to share ideas and get inspired… so before I forget all the wonderful moments, I thought I should write a few down and share!  There were far too many moments to list them all, so here are my top 5 (in no particular order):

  • Trevor Brown was FANTASTIC and inspiring.  I had never attended one of his sessions before… and had been clearly missing out!  He reminded us of just a few of the ways that math is all around us and highlighted the many ways in which it can sometimes be “spooky”!  🙂  Whether it was chopping up a Mobius strip or highlighting beautiful patterns that appear around us, I can safely say there wasn’t a person in that room who wasn’t inspired!
  • Andrew Stadel’s session about ways to encourage number sense was one of those sessions that gives you something to do on Monday and to play with forever.  I can’t tell you how many times along the drive home I turned to my husband to ask: “OK now seriously, how long do you think THOSE traffic lines are?!”  🙂
  • Sean Chorney’s session presented engaging problems that got us doodling in our notebooks and dreaming of extensions.  I’m still trying to generalize a rule for organizing n cards after he gave us the following problem:
  • Peter Lilejdahl’s session about conceptualizing and actualizing the new curriculum was a great reminder that the lack of clarity around implementation is an opportunity for teachers rather than an impediment.
  • Robert Kaplinsky‘s 5-minute Ignite presentation about productive struggle echoed my feelings about wanting students to be able to persevere without torturing them.  🙂  I especially appreciated his humour and bike-riding analogy!

These were just 5 of the MANY highlights for me… it was also very fun to get to share about Standards Based Grading (and by far the biggest room I have ever been at the front of)!

Westin - October 2015

That’s ME up there?!? 🙂

Overall, this conference was an opportunity to experiment, puzzle, and to “stop and smell the mathematical roses”… it was wonderful to be around a group of mathematicians and teachers who are passionate about what they do!

About Mrs. Awadalla

I am a classroom teacher in Richmond, British Columbia. Interested in Math Education, Technology, Assessment, and Standards Based Grading (just to name a few things)... :)
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